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Our Health is at Risk

The lack of adequate and easily accessible medical data in critical care situations is a looming defect in our medical response industry which often results in misdiagnosis, improper emergency care, and unnecessary expenditures!

"Siempre Adelante"...Always Move Forward

The Solution: Emergency Standard and The Emergency Standard Card

Our goal at In Case of Emergency Standard is to help set an official guideline to assist Emergency Response Teams in their efforts to save time and lives in the event of an emergency.

FTR's (first time responders) such as Paramedics, EMT's, Fire Departments, Police Departments, Sheriff Departments or any other Emergency Response professional will be trained to search in six specific areas for the Emergency Standard Card. The color coded card will have the name and photo verification of the distressed person, updated medical information, emergency contact, medical insurance information, power of attorney, and blood type.

Card holders will be instructed to keep the Emergency Standard Card in six common places.

Automobile Accident: FTR's will look in the automobile glove compartment, in the individual's wallet.

Pedestrians: FTR's will look in the individual's wallet.

Bicyclists or Motorcyclists Accident: FTR's look under the bicycle or Motorcycle seat and in the individual's wallet or purse.

Emergency Call to an individual's Home or Residence: FTR's look in the individual's refrigerator dairy or butter dish as well as their wallet or purse.

Emergency Call to a sporting event involving any athlete, player public or private school, Jr. high school athlete, high school athlete, college athlete and pro athlete: FTR's can get the Emergency Standard Card for the player in question from the Head Coach of their athletic team.

Emergency Call to the Work Place: FTR's can get Emergency Standard Card from the Employer's Emergency Response Team Member, in addition, will look in the individual's wallet or purse if needed.

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